What is Gearset?

Gearset is a cloud-based platform for managing and automating the deployment of customizations and data between Salesforce environments. It enables organizations to streamline their release management process, reduce manual effort and errors, and ensure data consistency and compliance across all their Salesforce environments. Gearset offers features such as change tracking, continuous integration and deployment, and conflict resolution.

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Why should Salesforce admins use Gearset?

Salesforce admins should use Gearset because it can help them with the following:

  1. Streamline release management: Gearset automates the deployment process and reduces the manual effort involved in moving customizations and data between Salesforce environments.
  2. Ensure data consistency: Gearset helps administrators maintain data consistency across all Salesforce environments by ensuring that the same data and customizations are deployed to each environment.
  3. Improve collaboration: Gearset allows multiple administrators to work on deployments together, making the release management process more collaborative.
  4. Reduce errors: Gearset includes features like change tracking and conflict resolution, which can help administrators reduce errors and ensure that deployments go smoothly.
  5. Ensure compliance: Gearset helps administrators ensure that their deployments comply with best practices and organizational policies, helping them maintain a healthy Salesforce instance.


How much does Gearset cost?

The cost of Gearset depends on several factors, including the number of Salesforce orgs you want to connect, the size of your orgs, and the number of users who need access to Gearset. Gearset offers a flexible pricing model that allows you to only pay for what you need. They offer both a free version and paid plans starting at $15 per user per month. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of Gearset for your organization, it’s best to contact Gearset’s sales team directly.

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The competition

Yes, there are several competitors of Gearset in the Salesforce release management and deployment automation space, including:

      1. Copado: A cloud-based platform for managing and automating Salesforce deployments.
      2. Flosum: A platform that provides change management, release automation, and data management for Salesforce.
      3. Autorabit: A platform for automating Salesforce releases and managing change control.
      4. DeployHQ: A cloud-based deployment automation platform that supports Salesforce along with several other technologies.
      5. CircleCI: A continuous integration and deployment platform that supports Salesforce and other technologies.
      6. Jenkins: An open-source platform for continuous integration and deployment that can be used to manage Salesforce deployments.


These are just a few examples of Gearset’s competitors. It’s always a good idea to research and compare multiple options to find the best solution for your organization’s specific needs.

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