8 Favorite Things About Vonage Business Phone System - Project Golbourne
Over the years I've compared different phone systems to use for my small business and after personally trying out several different platforms, I've chosen Vonage Business as my go-to phone system.  To be honest, it's not the cheapest system...not by a longshot. 
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Vonage Business VoIP Desk Phone

8 Favorite Things About Vonage Business Phone System

Over the years I’ve compared different phone systems to use for my small business and after personally trying out several different platforms, I’ve chosen Vonage Business as my go-to phone system.  To be honest, it’s not the cheapest system…not by a longshot.  I’m paying about $50 per month for my phone system when I know there are providers like Google and GoDaddy that provide lines for $1.99 per month or less.  There are a ton of reasons why I prefer Vonage Business over the competion but here’s a short list of my favorite features, in order:

1. Make Calls & Text From Computer

My absolute favorite feature of Vonage Business is the softphone.  A softphone is software program that allows you to make and receive calls from your computer, laptop or mobile device.  Instead of needing a physical phone on my desk or in my pocket, my laptop simply rings when I have an incoming business call or text message.  I can answer calls through my laptops microphone or connect a headset if I’d like.  I personally have a desk phone in my office as well so my softphone comes in handy when I’m working outside of my usual office space.  For Apple or Andoid users, there’s a mobile app too!

Vonage Business Desktop Smartphone

2. Robust Auto Attendant

The auto attendant is more of a luxury than a need, but it adds a level of professionalism to my phone system.  In a nutshell, when you call my business line, I have the option of setting up a professional greeting.  For example, instead of the phone ringing for the end-user, it could say something like, “Thank you for calling Project Golbourne.  For sales, press 1.  If you’re an existing customer, press 2.”  If I have multiple extensions, the auto attendant can route your call to any extension based off the option you press during the initial greeting.

3. Extensions

For an additional cost, you can add multiple extensions.  This is great if you have multiple people in your company or if you want to route calls to different areas.  Using the same example as above, if an end user presses 1 for “sales”, I can have it ring extention 1 which is routed to my cell phone (for example).  If an end-user presses 2 for “existing customer,” I can have the call routed to my business partner who handles client relations (for example).  All of this is happening behind the scenese without your client knowing any different.

4. Never Miss a Call

“Never miss a call” is a cool feature that helps ensure you….never miss a call.  You can setup your phone system to ring one phone, ring one phone then another series of phones in a particular order, or ring all phones simultaneousy so that you never miss a call!

5. Click to Call

If you’re lazy like me and spoiled by technology, you’ll love the “click to call” feature.  Whenever there is a phone number on your screen whether its in an email or on your web browser, you can simply click the phone number and your softphone will initiate a call.

6. Music on Hold

While this feature isn’t really important in the grand scheme of things, Vonage Business allows you to upload your own mp3 or audio file into the system to play music for end users when you have them on hold.  If you want to get creative – you can recorder your own audio file that promotes your services, etc. to play for customers or potential customers when they’re on hold.

7. Integrations

Vonage Business has a ton of integrations from Outlook to Salesforce CRM and more.  If you’re a more advanced user and want to integrate your phone system with your other business systems, you can certainly do so with Vonage.

8. Add-Ons

Aside from your regular phone system and monthly service, you can add a bunch of features you can add on if you choose to do so.  For example, through my Vonage system I can add features like paperless faxing (if anyone does that anymore), voicemail to email, call recording and more.

Some of the add-ons offered by Vonage Business.


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You can find a full list of features and add-ons on the official Vonage Business website.