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Small Business Resources During COVID-19

As some states determine that it’s safe for certain businesses to reopen again, many small business owners are breathing sighs of relief. But the economic downturn has left consumers with less purchasing power than before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and if you’re running a business like a gym, yoga studio, or restaurant, you may not be able to allow customers to come back just yet. We’ve rounded up a collection of resources to assist you with everything from tweaking your marketing strategy to overhauling your retail store.

Helpful Sales Techniques

 How can you grow your customer base during an economic slowdown? These creative techniques will help you connect with new people.  Make sure that your customers who prefer to stay home can still shop from your product selection by selling items through an e-commerce

  • Email marketing is the simplest way to reach customers and inform them about discounts, sales events, and crucial reopening information.
  • List your business with Google so that people in your area know where to find you when you reopen.
  • Have Project Golbourne revamp your website to make it more engaging and appealing for your customers.
  • Remember, when it comes to adapting to this new economic climate, you need to think like an entrepreneur and get ready to innovate!


Get Hooked Up With the Right Tech

 Want to grow your business during the second half of this year? Invest in devices and software programs that will help you increase your sales and manage your finances.  Develop a mobile app for your business, which will allow customers to download coupons, order delivery, and easily contact you.

  • Purchase top-notch accounting software to track your expenses and figure out how to reduce your budget without sacrificing potential profits.
  • Need new devices for yourself or your employees? Use an Apple promo code to save when you go shopping.


Beautify Your Retail Space

 After a few months without customers, your shop could use a makeover. Here are a few projects you can handle without hiring a contractor.

 Choose paint with a brand-new hue for the walls of your store or office, and pick up a few swatches at a local hardware store to decide which color is right!

  • Once you’re finished with the paint job, install reasonably priced carpeting to finish your renovations.
  • Design window advertisements that will inform passersby of great deals or new products available.


As we move through the next phase of this pandemic, many entrepreneurs will be able to resume business operations again. It may be tough to get back on your feet after the setbacks of the past few months. But if you can keep your business growing through this crisis, you can handle anything that comes your way!

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