Monthly Plans w/ Added Support

* Tremendous Value!*

A website literally won’t work without hosting.


What is web hosting and why do you need it?  Website hosting can be confusing.  A hosting account provides you with space in the “cloud” to host or hold your website’s files.  This includes all the code, images, text and other content.  There are tons of big-brand web hosting companies out there, but when you host your site with me, you also have direct access to call or text me with anything you need.  There’s value there.


I’ve been in this space for years and repeatedly see people misplace their hosting information or neglect their hosting accounts which almost always results in a website becoming inoperable.   This includes not addressing vulnerabilities that lead to malware & infections or the overuse of resources which leads to slow load times and poor site performance.  I can help.

Here’s the truth:

The truth is, you can get a hosting plan from GoDaddy or DreamHost for $5 – $8 per month or more depending on how many resources you need and which features you desire.  For a few dollars more, I’m offering the same hosting (powered by GoDaddy) PLUS my support, maintenance, and monthly modifications or site changes.  When you host your site yourself, you can “set it and forget it” but what happens when you need to make changes and don’t know how?  That’s where I come in.  When you partner with me, I’ll take care of the hosting, maintain your site’s updates, backups and security, and I’ll make minor modifications to your site as requested.  That’s the value you’ll get.

Three Major Components to Web Support

No Cost Repairs

These maintenance plans are like insurance policies. When your site breaks or you need experienced support, I'm a phone call or an email away.

Technical Foresight

I have a list of proactive steps that need to be taken every single month to prevent even the smallest hiccups before they become major problems.

Monthly Reporting

Personalized monthly reports will help you rest assured that your site is safe and sound and that I'm holding my our end of the bargain.

Monthly Hosting & Support Plans

These support plans cater to solopreneurs, small businesses and medium-sized companies alike.  When you buy hosting with me, you get unlimited tech support and monthly maintenance.

Basic Monthly Hosting

$11.99 Per Month

Support Not Included!



Best option if you just need a hosting account, and are not interested in any technical support in the future.



Regardless of if your site is new or old, it needs a hosting account.  I provide that for all clients and include setup.  GoDaddy and these other hosting accounts are great if you plan on “doing it yourself”.  If not, let me take care of the setup and configuration for you.

My hosting and support services include:


  • Daily backups in case of emergency w/ one-click restore options.
  • WordPress theme, plugin, and database updates.
  • Malware scanner and protection.
  • Optional: training related to using your website.
  • Optional: performance reports related to your website.

Enhanced Hosting & Support

$24.99 Per Month

Tremendous value!


Best option if you need a hosting account, and want me to manage it for you.

*The equivalent package can be found on GoDaddy for $19.99 per month.  For an extra $5.00 per month, you get my unlimited support and total site management.*


If you have an existing website, or if I created one for you, you’ll need a hosting account with support.  My support includes anything and everything related to your website, including changes and modifications!  I’ll host your website and all site files in my premium hosting environment that is dedicated to my client sites ONLY.


Let me focus on the technical aspects so you can focus on your business.  My hosting and support services include:


  • Around the clock, unlimited technical support for your website (normally billed at $50 per hour).
  • Website content changes and modifications as requested (normally billed at $50 per hour).
  • SSL certificate for the strongest encryption on your website (sold on GoDaddy at $79.99 per year).
  • Email administration and support.
  • Daily backups in case of emergency w/ one-click restore options.
  • Free staging site for any major change requests.
  • WordPress and plugin updates.
  • Malware scanner.
  • Optional: training related to using your website.
  • Optional: performance reports related to your website.
  • Other, non-web related tech support.