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Why work with me? Where do we begin?  First and foremost, it’s imperative that you understand the importance of using video when marketing your product or service in today’s day and age.  The statistics are shocking.  An estimated 87% of businesses are now using video as a marketing tool – a massive increase from 63% in 2017.  In addition, a staggering 83% of marketers feel that video gives them a good return on their investment.  You can’t say that about a lot of marketing tools.  I focus on helping smaller businesses and startups by offering fair prices and monthly payment options.  If you’re looking to get started in the video marketing world, I’ll take the first baby steps with you.

Included With My Video Services

Professional Quality

I'll provide you with a professional videographer who will come equipped with necessary gear like backdrops, lighting, HD camera equipment and more.

High Quality Audio

A professional video is nothing if your audio is garbage. I use professional lavaliere mics to capture high quality audio and cancel out unnecessary background noise.

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Excellent Service

I'm passionate about creating so your project is just as much my baby as it is yours. I want your project to be good enough for my portfolio and I always strive for 5 star reviews.

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