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If you’re reading about Salesforce consulting services, I imagine you’re already familiar with what Salesforce is.  If you are not familiar with the Salesforce platform and the many ways it can help your business, you can learn more about it on the blog.  Assuming you’re already familiar with Salesforce and all that it can do, there are two primary reasons to work with a consultant:


1, You’re considering Salesforce for your business and need technical input, direction, and support.  

2. Your organization already uses Salesforce but not to the best of its ability.  You need a consultant to make suggestions, then physically make the changes for you.

A consultant will work closely with your or your team to understand your business processes and pain points.  They’ll make recommendations based on their findings then manage the process of implementing your new system or modifying your existing one.  As your consultant, I can design, implement, and train you on a completely customized system that works for you.

The Three-Step Process

Business Requirements

Initially we'll spend a lot of time helping us understand your business, your pain points and challenges and your desired outcome from a new or improved system.

Design & Implementation

Next is the nerdy stuff. We'll design the layout and user interface then build out the entire system to your liking.

Training & Support

Technology can be tricky. I won't leave you high and dry. I offer several months of continued support after you've completed your training.

Salesforce helps manage:


  • Manage and track potential customers. 
  • Set tasks & reminders for your sales team to follow up.
  • Automate processes like emails to stay on top of potential business.



  • Manage accounts and contacts. 
  • Manage opportunities and projections.
  • Create custom reports and dashboards.



  • Manage customer service issues through cases.
  • Access the data you need to give A+ customer service.
  • Automate processes like follow-up emails and surveys.



  • Monitor campaign success through reports and dashboards.
  • Automate marketing initiatives like “stay in touch” or “birthday” emails.
  • Understand your customers better through campaign metrics.


Human Resources

  • List and manage job openings.
  • Store applicants for each job opening.
  • Send automated reminders to yourself, hiring managers or candidates.



  • Track financial data in real-time.
  • Create one-time or scheduled reports w/ charts.
  • Identify trends and cost-saving opportunities.



  • Manage products and inventory.
  • Manage related product information like warranties, vendors, and more.
  • Utilize reports and dashboards to identify your best sellers.


Supply Chain

  • Management vendors and contacts.
  • Manage procurement and logistics.
  • Utilize historical data to future projections.

Staggering Statistics:

To put things in perspective, below are some mindblowing statistics about Salesforce.

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Testimonials from clients who have trusted us to introduce them to Salesforce.

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