Website Add-Ons

If you have an existing website and want to enhance it, here are some of the additional site features I’m currently offering.  Add-on features will elevate your site’s performance, functionality, and user experience.

File Uploads

Cost: $75 one time fee


Description:  Add file uploading capability to any of your contact forms!  Let your potential customers upload files you may need when submitting a contact form on your site.  Files can come through via email as an attachment, or we can connect the file uploads to your Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon S3 account.  Upload documents, images, media and more.  You can easily control the allowed file types and sizes!

PayPal Express Payments

Cost: $100 one-time setup fee


Description:  Add the ability to accept credit cards on your website through PayPal and PayPal buttons or via any contact form.  Setup payment options for one time payments, deposits or monthly recurring subscriptions!  You can base totals on a fixed amount, user-entered amount or calculated total.

MailChimp Email Marketing Setup & Form Integration

Cost: $100 one-time setup fee


Description:  I’ll setup a MailChimp account for you to get you started on email marketing to your potential or existing customers.  In addition, I’ll connect your contact forms to your MailChimp account so that every time someone contacts you via a contact form, they’re automatically added to your mailing list for marketing purposes!

Live Chat

Cost: $125 one-time setup fee

Monthly Subscription: $19 per month


Description:  Add live chat to your website so you can quickly and easily connect with customers!  People don’t like to talk on the phone now days and going back and forth through email puts you at risk at losing deals.  With this chat feature, customers can message you from your website and you can reply back directly from your phone via a mobile app.  Online management is available too!