Vivify IV Hydration

Vivify IV Hydration is a hydration therapy company based out of Arizona.


Project Specifics

For this project, we designed the customer’s logo as well as their new WordPress website.  They needed the site to have a shopping cart so they could sell their services online.  We set that up for them and worked with them to connect their payment processor.  The site also features a membership page where users can subscribe to a monthly membership, a “frequently asked questions” section, a blog, and more. 

Pictures and / or Video of the Project

Note: sometimes clients make changes to their projects after completion.  For the most accurate representation of my work on this project, please refer to the video screencast and screenshots as the live site may have been modified.

What did we do for this client?

This site was built on WordPress, giving their team the ability to easily login and change content as needed.  Aside from conceptualizing and designing the layout from start to finish, we also:

  • Setup email account(s).
  • Added the ability for customers to book and pay online via an online shopping cart.
  • Connected the online shopping cart with the customer’s payment processor.
  • Ensured the finished project was mobile friendly and formatted correctly for all mobile devices.


We are continuing to service this client with one of our monthly support packages.  

Showing Support

If you live in Arizona and would like to try IV hydration therapy, check them out!  We’ve included their contact information below.


Official Website:


Instagram: NA

Facebook:  NA