About This Project

Promotional Video – Video Marketing

Project Golbourne

This was a quick project that we completed for our own brand.  A while back, we did a series of short promotional videos to promote some of our services.  This particular video is to promote video marketing.  The video is less than 60 seconds in length and includes humor as well as some eye-catching statistics.  We used this video to promote our services on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What We Did

To complete this project, we actually used outtakes from a video we shot for a previous client.  The outtakes were completely unscripted and we thought they’d be funny to repurpose for a project like this.  With that said, the original filming was done by us, as well as the post-production editing.  As you can see, we added text overlays with titles and statistics, sound effects, and copyright-free music.  All editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro.


Project Golbourne

Project Summary

A promotional video for our video marketing services.

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