About This Project

The Vegas Inquire is a content-based blog-style website that publishes articles on anything happening in or around Las Vegas.  The site has a heavy focus on local businesses and tries to support them in any way they can.  The Vegas Inquire uses its platform to bring attention to new businesses, to highlight businesses that give back, and to help give smaller companies free advertisement any way they can.  This site is also Veteran-owned, so they make sure to do what they can to show support for other local vets.


Project Specifics

The founder of The Vegas Inquire, Erik Spess, reached out to me after seeing wild success through the brand’s Instagram and Pinterest pages.  He needed a website.  From the start, Erik wanted something with a young and fun vibe that used vibrant colors and stood out from the rest of the typical magazine-style websites.  In addition, because this site was to be content heavy, he asked me to design something that pulled content from different categories and displayed them in a visually appealing way.  Aside from the blog, a business directory and custom forms were on the wishlist for this project.

Getting to the finish line.

This site was built on WordPress, giving their team the ability to easily login and upload new photos or make changes as needed.  With Erik’s help, I conceptualized and designed the layout from start to finish.  The site’s main feature is the blog so I designed the homepage in a way that emphasized the content in an organized and nice looking manner.


For this project, I successfully:


  • Worked within the client’s existing Bluehost account.
  • Updated the DNS to point the domain from Google Domains to the Bluehost hosting account.
  • Installed WordPress on the server and configured it.
  • Designed and customized the layout from scratch.
  • Resized and compressed all provided images to maximize site speed and optimize pages.
  • Created custom contact forms to nominate businesses or add businesses to the directory.
  • Ensured the finished project was mobile friendly and formatted correctly for all mobile devices.


I am continuing to act as the site administrator for The Vegas Inquire through one of my monthly web support packages.  Through this service, I provide site modifications and minor content changes as requested.  I continue to manage the hosting account, provide domain and email support, manage full site & database backups, monitor required updates (theme, plugins and WordPress core), and provide technical support for the client as needed.  Since the owners of this site aren’t familiar with web design or WordPress, they look to me as a trusted partner to handle the technical aspects of their business so they can focus on growing their site.


You can see the website live at http://thevegasinquire.com.  I’ve included a few image screenshots of the final completed project below.


Note: sometimes clients make changes to their projects after completion.  For the most accurate representation of my work on this project, please refer to the video screencast and screenshots as the live site may have been modified.

Project Testimonial(s)

Real feedback from my client on this project.  You can find more Google verified reviews on my business Google page.

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