About This Project

We filmed and edited this video for Dr. Angie Taylor, the CEO of Guardian Quest. In this video, you see Dr. Taylor explain the concept of “Sawa Bona” and what it means to her. Sawa Bona is a common African greeting in the Natal tribe. It means “I see you”.  In the video, you’ll learn how important this greeting is, or should be, to our everyday lives.


This short video is less than two minutes long and was created for the purpose of sharing a powerful message via social media.  On the day this was recorded we filmed several videos like this for the Guardian Quest team.  Their plan was to add at least one video into their social media marketing campaign each month, for a couple of months, to keep their content entertaining and fresh.

What We Did

For this project, we met the Guardian Quest team at a venue in North Las Vegas and captured all footage using a single Canon DSLR camera, a tripod, lavalier microphones and softbox lighting.  After filming on site, we edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro.  During that process, we added lower-thirds (animated text overlying the video), the brand’s logos, copyright-free music, video transitions, and more.  

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Guardian Quest

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Project Summary

A video we filmed and edited for Guardian Quest to use for social media.

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