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Lobby TV Project

Push IV & Wellness, Las Vegas

Push IV & Wellness is a health and wellness company based out of Las Vegas that offers its customers a wide array of services.  When the company opened their new clinic in 2018, they hired us to create a fun video that could play on repeat in the lobby of their store-front.  They wanted this video to be educational and to sell their new cryotherapy service.  Here’s what we came up with:

What We Did

For this project, we did a little bit of everything.  We filmed some parts to include footage from their actual clinic.  We combined our original footage with some stock video, then added education text overlays.  Next, we added some upbeat music and the company’s logo to come up with the finished project.  To have this video playing in their lobby, we placed the original video file onto a USB flash drive and configured the television to play it on repeat.  Mission accomplished.


Push IV & Wellness

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Project Summary

A promotional video to play in the clinic's main lobby.

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