About This Project

On Saturday, February 29th, 2019, I filmed and edited a short promotional video for a company called PartiiBox, “The New House Party”.


PartiiBox is owned by a dear friend of mine, Jenna Rose.  It’s a Las Vegas-based party planning and hosting company that aims to revolutionize the way you plan and throw parties by offering a wide array of affordable and helpful services.  The idea came to Jenna after she threw a party for her one-year-old toddler.  She thought it would be a good idea to hire a friend to help her with anything she needs before, during and after the party.  This hired help would also service her guests and handle any requests so that Jenna, as the host, could actually enjoy her event.  The party was a success and Jenna realized that with as much time, money and energy as people put into their parties – others could greatly benefit from having similar party hosts.  With that, PartiiBox was born.


In late February I joined Jenna as she and her team hosting a birthday brunch at one of their clients house.  I filmed and edited this promotional video (above) and captured a few of the following images.  I hope that Jenna can use this new media on various marketing outlets to help educate potential customers on her awesome new brand.

Hardware & Software Used for This Project

Camera:  One (1) Canon DSLR

Lighting Equipment: None required.

Audio Equipment: Lavalier microphone.

Additional Hardware:  Zhiyun Crane DSLR Gimbal for image stabilization.

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Project Photos

Below are a few photos taken while working on this project:

A Note from the Client



Project Summary

Promotional video for a new local company.

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