About This Project

NVested Media is a media company that produces YouTube content on a wide variety of interesting topics from relationships to business advice and more.  The show is hosted by our friend Adam Khalil, a Los Angeles native and author of the book, “Mental Constructs – The Prerequisites for Developing a Successful Mindset”.  Each episode is either a one-on-one discussion or a panel discussion aimed to give it’s viewers a different perspective on the topic.  NVested Media hired us to create a video-intro that can be used at the start of each episode.

What We Did

For this project, were responsible for the video editing only.  We asked Adam to send us some b-roll footage and combined it with clips from real episodes as well as copyright-free video that was purchased online.  Next, we added music, texts, logos and special effects to produce an intro video that would hopefully excite viewers.

A Second Version

In May 2021, we created a second version of the intro video for NVested Media’s Vlog series.  The team at NVested Media wanted something a bit softer and less business-oriented to cover a wider range of categories and topics.  Here’s what we came up with:

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