About This Project

As we navigate through life we learn that everyone experiences their own trials and tribulations. Diversity can mean a range of different things. In life, our struggles may not be similar but in the end, we’re really not that different. In this video, we asked a diverse group of leaders from Guardian Quest what diversity meant to them. We all have a story. What’s yours?


This short video was created for the purpose of sharing a powerful message via social media.  On the day this was recorded, the Guardian Quest team and I filmed several videos like this.  Their plan was to add at least one video into their social media marketing campaign each month, for a couple of months, to keep their content entertaining and fresh.

What We Did

For this project, we met the Guardian Quest team at a venue in North Las Vegas and captured all footage using a single Canon DSLR camera, a tripod, lavalier microphones, and softbox lighting.  After filming on-site, we edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro.  During that process, we added lower-thirds (animated text overlaying the video), the brand’s logos, copyright-free music, video transitions, and more.  

A Note from the Client


Guardian Quest

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Project Summary

A video we filmed and edited for Guardian Quest to use for social media.

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