This is a website I created for an amazing photographer, Lauren Urbiztondo, based of out Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Lauren was looking for a simple but clean website where she could showcase her portfolio of work.  She really wanted a dark theme so the details from her photos would stand out and be the focal point of the site.


Watch a brief video on this project below:

How we got there

This site was built on the WordPress platform which gives Lauren easy access to login and upload new photos or make changes as needed.  After a few interview-style conversations and video calls, I designed the entire layout to her liking, from scratch.  The site’s main functionality comes from a simple photo gallery that I used to display her photography in a user friendly and visually appealing manner.


For this project, I successfully:

  • Setup a new GoDaddy account on the client’s behalf.
  • Purchased the requested domain name for the website.
  • Setup a hosting account for the website and setup malware protection with daily backups.
  • Updated the DNS to point the domain to the new hosting account.
  • Installed WordPress on the server and configured it.
  • Designed and customized the layout.
  • Resized and compressed all provided images to maximize site speed and optimize pages.
  • Integrated a contact form and connected it with the client’s email account.
  • Researched the client’s services, then personally wrote a majority of the written content on the site on behalf of the client.
  • Ensured the finished project was mobile friendly and formatted correctly for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, across all web browsers.


In addition to the tasks above, I am continuing to act as the site administrator for this client through one of my monthly web support packages.  Through this service, I provide necessary content updates and visual changes as requested.  I continue to manage the hosting account, provide domain and email support, manage full site & database backups, monitor required updates (theme, plugins and WordPress core), and provide technical support for the client as needed.  Since this particular client isn’t familiar with web design or WordPress, she looks to me as a trusted partner to handle the technical aspects of her business so she can focus on photography.  


Press play on the video above to see a video screencast of this project, which was recorded at the time of completion in May 2020.  You can see the website live at  I’ve included a few image screenshots of the final completed project below.


Note: sometimes clients make changes to their projects after completion.  For the most accurate representation of my work on this project, please refer to the video screencast and screenshots as the live site may have been modified.

Project Testimonial(s)


Real feedback from my client on this project.  You can find more Google verified reviews on my business Google page.

Support Small Business

If you need an awesome, friendly and reasonably priced photographer in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, please consider connecting with Lauren Urbiztondo and Lolo Urbiztondo Photography.  You will find links to her business and social profiles below:


Official Website:

Instagram:  @lolo_urbiztondo

Facebook:  @lolourbiztondo