About This Project

This video was for another fun volunteer project for our son’s little league championship game with the Dodgers in Las Vegas, NV.   This is a good example of how you can use video to evoke emotion.  Filming and editing video is much more than splicing clips together.  It requires creativity and an “eye” to achieve the outcome that you’re looking for.  Watch and see!

What We Did

Using a single DSLR digital camera, we took a few still photos and captured some exciting moments on video.  Our goal was to put something together that we thought the team and parents might enjoy.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro, we pieced together some of the photos with video clips and added music to tell a story of their championship win.  For this project, no lighting or audio equipment required.

Project Photos

Below are a few photos taken while working on this project:

Created For

Dodgers Little League Team

Project Summary

A fun video made for the Dodger's Little League team in Las Vegas after their championship game.

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