About This Project

This video was filmed and edited for the hosts of The DM Show podcast, for a special charity event.  This event, called “Bubble Trouble”, took place on November 8th, 2019 at the Greene Street Kitchen located inside the Palms Casino Resort.  It was hosted by “The DM Show” and “Twinkle Toast Wine Events” with the intention of donating a portion of each ticket sold to either Safe Nest or Las Vegas Pet Rescue. The event was overall a success and we had a great time filming and creating this video to document the evening.


What We Did

For this project, we attended the event in person and captured all footage using a single Canon DSLR digital camera and a Zhiyun Crane gimbal for image stabilization.  After filming, we edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro.  During that process, we added the brand’s logos, copyright-free music, video transitions, and more.  Additional LED lighting was used on all video to enhance picture quality.

Project Photos

Below are a few photos taken while working on this project:


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Project Summary

A video I filmed and edited for a charity event called "Bubble Trouble" in Las Vegas.

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