About This Project

BM Innovations (BMI) is a full-service creative marketing agency that started in late 2019.  The company offers a wide array of technical, creative, and marketing solutions to mid to large companies.  Amongst the team, you’ll find professional web designers, full-stack developers, photographers, videographers, and other creatives lead by Michael DeLucca, a well educated MBA graduate and serial entrepreneur.  Michael spent his early career taking businesses from ideas to multi-million dollar companies.  His goal was always to start a creative agency one day, which finally came to fruition late last year.



Project Specifics

Michael reached out to me and let me know that he wanted to officially launch his new company, BM Innovations, and asked if I was interested in building out the company website.  He wanted to establish a web presence before hiring a full-time developer or any designers.   I was immediately drawn to the project due to its creative nature.   BM Innovations needed a website that boasted a professional yet fun vibe with a huge emphasis on creativity.   Every image had to have the right look and feel and all of the written content needed to be unique.  Michael wanted the website to stand out from his competition and he needed it to be different from every other agency out there.  Branding a creative agency’s website with little creativity was not an option.

Video Screencast

Press play below to see a video screencast of this project, which was recorded at the time of completion in December 2019. 

How we got there

This website was initially built on WordPress for its overall ease of access with the intention of the BMI development team adding features and functionality to the site in the future.  Since Michael is the Creative Art Director of the company, he had great oversight of all design and the fine details of build.  


For this project, I successfully:

  • Spooled a new site on their dedicated server using Plesk.
  • Updated the DNS to point the domain from GoDaddy to their dedicated server.
  • Assigned the site a dedicated IP address on the server for security.
  • Installed an SSL certificate on the site for security.
  • Setup daily cloud backups through the server.
  • Installed and configured WordPress.
  • Designed and customized the layout.
  • Resized and compressed all provided images to maximize site speed and optimize pages.
  • Ensured the finished project was mobile friendly and formatted correctly for all mobile devices.
  • Research and wrote all written content on the website.



You can see the website live at www.bmistudios.com.  I’ve included a few image screenshots of the final completed project below.


Note: sometimes clients make changes to their projects after completion.  For the most accurate representation of my work on this project, please refer to the video screencast and screenshots as the live site may have been modified.

Support This Business

If you’re looking for a creative, technical, or digital marketing agency to help with your business or project, I encourage you to check out the BM Innovations website.  They specialize in web design & development, graphics, video, photography, UIUX, app design, PPC marketing, social ads and more.


Official Website:  www.bmistudios.com

Instagram:  @bmibranding

Facebook:  @bmibranding

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Twitter:  @bmibranding


BM Innovations

Project Summary

A content-heavy website to showcase multiple services for a creative digital marketing agency.

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