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How to Give Delegate Access in GoDaddy

What is delegate access?  Delegate access is a feature on GoDaddy that lets customers share access to their accounts with other people, without having to give out passwords or secure information.  When you give someone delegate access to your account, they can then access it by logging into their own.  When they do, they will see a section called “Delegate Access” in their Account Settings, which will show them all of the accounts they can access.

Why would I want to give someone delegate access to my account?  There are several reasons.  The most common would be a situation where you have an individual or company working on your website for you, and they need access to your domains or hosting accounts provided by GoDaddy.  Another example would be a business owner who needs to give certain team members access to their accounts without giving away their sensitive info.

GoDaddy’s delegate access feature has proven to be convenient, efficient and safe.  Just remember to remove access when you no longer want anyone to have it.

VIDEO:  GoDaddy Access – Step-by-Step Instructions

Video Credit: Anphira Web Design & Development | YouTube

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