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Get More Clients on Upwork With These Five Tips and Tricks

How do I get more clients on UpWork? That’s what I typed into the search bar at the top of YouTube.  I played the first video that popped up titled, “How to Get Your First Job on UpWork.”  Because I understand how hard it can be to get started on the platform, the title got me.  I went in with low expectations and twenty minutes later, I was blogging about it.

In this video, you’ll meet Josh Burns, a freelancer who put tremendous effort into landing and executing projects on UpWork, and made over $500,000 on the platform in just a few years.  Don’t get me wrong,  I understand that just because Josh did it, doesn’t mean I can.  I should add that he’s a developer and works with SQL and Business Intelligence, so I imagine his knowledge is worth a pretty penny.  Although the astronomical amount he’s earned on the platform so far is beyond impressive, what I really liked about the video was the five points he gave to those just starting out.  At one point, this guy was a freelancer new to the space and had no previous clients, reviews or historical data to help him close any deals.  In this video, he talks about what worked for him and what didn’t work…and I obviously found it to be very impactful.

Get More Clients on Upwork:

Video Credit: Josh Burns Tech | YouTube


Overall, I thought the video was very insightful.  I found tremendous value in every piece of advice he offered and feel like he offered solid direction on how to get more clients on Upwork.

To recap, here are his five (5) tips to help you land for your first job on UpWork:

#1   Use Advanced Search:  Using the “advanced search” feature gives you the ability to narrow down your search and get really specific.  By using this tool, you can search for work by job type, experience level, number of proposals already submitted, the client’s budget, project length, and more.  In this video, he explains some tricks to use this feature to your advantage.


#2  Apply Quick:  Applying to jobs quickly will put you at the top of a potential client’s list.  You can accomplish this by sorting your search results by “newest jobs” and making sure you’re only applying to jobs that have less than 5, 10, 15 proposals.


#3 Write Proposals to Attract Clients: It’s up to you to convince a client to hire you.  If you don’t have any previous work or reviews, your proposal is your one shot at capturing a potential client’s attention.  In the video (approx. 11:10 min mark) Josh goes over some of his proposals and shares what has worked and what hasn’t.


#4 Nail the Interview:  Just because someone responds to your proposal, that doesn’t mean they’re going to hire you.  You still have to interview for the job.  You should take it as seriously as any job interview. 


#5  Never Give Up:   I can attest to how frustrating it submitting proposals over and over again to no luck…especially considering you have to pay!  Josh closes out the video encouraging viewers to never give up.  Sometimes it’s a numbers game.  The more proposals you submit, the better your chances of getting hired.  It’s that simple.

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