How To Display Google Reviews From Customers on Your Website

Customer reviews can make or break your business. They provide a free form of advertising while giving potential buyers a sense of trust during their decision-making process.  Today I helped a friend display his company’s reviews on his site and wanted to share a few links and resources for others.

There were a handful of plugins that allow you to display your reviews from Google on your site.  I ultimately decided to go with “Google Reviews Widget” by RichPlugins, which has 60,000+ active installs at the time this post was written.  It’s a rather basic plugin with few options and is geared towards allowing you to display Google Business reviews on any page or sidebar using a shortcode or widget.

After you download and install the widget, you’ll see that the developers did a very good job providing step-by-step instructions for the setup process.  I found it to be a rather complex process because you have to work with API keys from Google.  If you’re like me – it sounds like a foreign language.  With that said, I was able to follow the provided instructions step-by-step and successfully complete setup.



Plugin: Google Reviews Widget

Documentation: Click Here


Cost: Free

Difficulty Level:  7/10

The Good

Overall the functionality is great.  Being able to display your customer’s verified reviews from Google adds tremendous value for so many reasons.  I also like that the plugin is free with paid upgrade options.

The Bad & The Ugly

Not the easiest setup and configuration but it’s not anyone’s fault.  The only way a website can communicate with a service like Google is through complicated APIs and other stuff I don’t understand.  Aside from the config, I don’t love that there isn’t too much flixibility when it comes to the look and feel.  You can change how many characters are displayed, how many reviews are shown and a couple other things, but that’s it.  

Final Thoughts

I strongly believe that anyone who is in business for themselves should always ask for a review and show it wherever they can.  Reviews build trust, give credibility and help you close the sale!