VIDEO: Automatically Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

Did you know that you can automatically add subtitles to your YouTube videos?  More importantly, do you know why having subtitles on your videos is important?  Utilizing YouTube’s automated subtitles are powerful for three reasons:


    • Having relevant text within your videos will help your videos get ranked not just on YouTube but also on Google.
    • Text subtitles help YouTube’s algorithm understand what your video content is about.  This is important when delivering search results.
    • Adding closed captions to your videos will also help to increase engagement and watch time, which in 2021 is a very powerful and positive signal for YouTube when ranking videos.


If you’re like me, you may have tried to add subtitles to a video and thought you had to either upload a text file, or type the subtitles manually.  That sounds brutal.  In this video, Nicky Pasquier explains how to automatically add them, saving yourself a lot of time and headache.

IMPORTANT:  If you do not see the same options that are illustrated in this video, it may be because your recently uploaded video is still processing.  Adding automatic subtitles only works after a video has been uploaded and fully processed (sometimes hours).


Always give credit where credit is due.  Here’s where I got the information to write this article:

YouTube Channel: Nicky Pasquier

Video Link:  Click Here