Brief Overview

Project Golbourne is a collective of hand-selected talented that works together and provides services to entrepreneurs like you!  Our goal is to provide value to our clients by handling some of their marketing and tech, so they can focus on growing their business.


Since 2015, we’ve helped a ton of reputable companies in a diverse blend of industries.  Stop spending time on what you don’t specialize in.  Consider partnering with us.

You're a specialist in your trade. Focus on what you do best.

We stay behind-the-scenes and do the nerdy stuff you can't.

Working with us gives you an entire marketing and technical team.

Get tremendous value for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an employee.

What We Can Do For You

Here are some of the many ways you can utilize us behind-the-scenes for your business.


Branding matters.  Your brand and marketing materials can make or break your business.  We offer logo design and branding, as well as creative graphics that you can use for social media, online ads, traditional print marketing and more.

Blog Writing

Content is still king.  Keeping fresh and relevant content on your blog will help attract new customers, provide you with content for social media and help your website’s search engine optimization.  Our creative team of bloggers can write SEO-based articles for any type of business or industry.


You need a website.  Websites can be quite expensive and time-consuming to build.  Anyone can build a basic site themselves nowadays, but that may not be the best way to represent your brand.  You have one shot to make a good impression.


Bookkeeping or bust.  If your business has revenue, business expenses and taxes to worry about, we can help.  Our bookkeepers will turn your financial transactions into easy-to-read reports that will help you understand your business, allowing for better business decisions.


People love video.   81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.  If you’re not using video to capture your audience’s attention, you may be missing opportunities.  We can edit your video content, add text, music, motion graphics and more.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is everything.  We can set your business up with a cloud storage account and help you organize your business files in the cloud.  Cloud storage gives you access to your files from any computer, anywhere in the world!  You can also easily share and collaborate on documents with team members or clients.

Virtual Phone Systems

Keep it Professional.   Using a virtual phone system for your business will allow you to work from anywhere, increase efficiency and separate work and home.   We’ll set you up with a robust system that will impress you and your customers!

Email Administration

Use professional email.  If you’re running a business, you should own your company’s domain name.  It’s time to stop using GMail!  We can set your entire team up with professional email accounts that end in your domain name (


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Portfolio of Work

Below you’ll find some of our favorite projects that we’ve worked on over the years.

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Meet the team.

We’re real people.  If you decide to work with us, this will be your team.


Owner of Project Golbourne.  Husband, parent, nerd.

Brian G.

Owner / Business Development


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Accounting & Billing

Co-Owner of Project Golburne.  Brian’s beautiful wife.  All things accounting.

Sara G.

Co-Owner / Accounting


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Account & Project Manager

The glue that holds everything together.  Manager of all moving parts.  Queen of Multitasking.


Accounts & Project Management


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Graphics / Branding

Creative artist.  Master designer.  Handles all things graphics.


Graphics / Branding


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We’re a Call or a Text Away!

There’s no harm in asking questions or price shopping for the best deals.  Everyone likes to communicate differently, so here are a ton of different ways to reach us.


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Statistics you should think about.

A few very important statistics that you should think about as they pertain to your business.  Numbers don’t lie.


Stress Kills

There's simply no way for you to wear every hat needed to run a company. More than 22% of small businesses fail within the first year they're opened. Consider partnering with an affordable team that can help with the backend of your business.


Looks Matter

Nearly 88% of online consumers surveyed said they're less likely to return to a website after a bad experience. The same applies to digital or print marketing materials. You could be losing sales. We help you look great.


Embrace Technology

Technology can be intimidating but that doesn't mean you should avoid it. If technology isn't your thing, partner up with a team that can help.

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